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Floral Hoop Wreath

How to Make a Floral Hoop Wreath

After I posted about how I created my DIY Cake Smash Photoshoot I received tons of compliments and questions about the floral hoop wreath I used in the background. I decided to make a holiday wreath and share how you can make one too. The steps shown below will reference the holiday wreath I created, however, these are the same steps I took when I created the pink and white floral wreath as well.

I know that technically Christmas is over but you could easily switch up the colors, flowers and add other decorative items to personalize it in any way you would like. You also could create a wreath that only includes yarn or only includes the floral arrangement; both variations would look great. The best part of a DIY project is making it fit your own style.



Macrame Hoop / Metal Craft Hoop (I used a 19in one)
Artificial Floral Stems
Floral Wire
Wire Cutters
Measuring Tape/Yard Stick
Hot Glue Gun or Craft Glue
Felt or other Scrap Fabric


Step 1: Cut yarn into desired length pieces. I measured all of mine using a measuring tape to be 4 inches long and used the entire bundle of yarn. This can be adjusted depending on the desired look and hoop size. Remember that the pieces will be tied onto the hoop in the middle and will end up half of the length it was cut.


Step 2: Tie all of the pieces of yarn on to the hoop. First, fold a yarn strand in half making sure the cut ends line up evenly and place the middle of the strand under the hoop. Then pull the cut ends through the middle of the strand so it ends up tied around the hoop.
Optional: You can attach beads to a few yarn pieces or braid/twist sections for a different look.


Step 3: Decide how you want to arrange your floral pieces on the wreath and trim them as needed. I like to place them over my hoop so I know exactly how and where I will attach each one. Then start to attach pieces to the hoop using floral wire fastening in multiple places. If using multiple floral stems attach them in layers to ensure they will stay on and in place.


Step 4: After floral stems have been attached use your hot glue or craft glue to attach any flowers or other items on your wreath. I used hot glue to attach the small white ornaments into the middle of my wreath to fill some empty space.


Step 5: Glue felt or fabric on the back side of the floral arrangement to cover up any exposed wire.


It’s that simple to make a pretty and modern wreath that can add a nice touch to any wall or door!





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