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Newton Baby Crib Mattress

Newton Baby Crib Mattress Review

I received this product from Newton Baby in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links. More information can be found here.

Newton Baby Crib Mattress

Let’s talk crib mattresses. I want to admit that when we first set up Ava’s crib I pulled my son’s old crib mattress out of the garage, slipped a sheet on it and placed it in her crib. I never really had ever thought that much about a baby mattress before. All of the ones that I had ever seen were the stiff mattresses with the vinyl waterproof cover on them. Memphis used his mattress for years, in his crib as a baby as well as when we transitioned him into a toddler bed. I figured it worked for him so it would work fine for Ava too. So when Newton Baby offered to send us a new mattress for Ava to sleep on I was excited to learn more about it and for her to test it out.


Newton Baby has created a crib mattress that is nothing like the traditional plastic mattresses I have always seen before. It is 100% breathable and washable. It comes with a special core made of a food grade polymer and a breathable mattress cover.



Wovenaire Core

The mattress core is made from their patented Wovenaire technology that is actually 90% air and 10% food grade polymer. There is a really neat video on the Newton Baby website where you can see a bit of how they stack this polymer together in water. In the end, it comes together to create this supportive and breathable mattress core. They also do not use other materials like foam, latex or glue which can release gases and encourage allergens. It is recyclable, hypoallergenic and 100% washable. In fact, you are able to rinse your mattress core off in the shower or soak it in the tub using cold water. You then just let it air dry and it is as good as new. I thought that was really neat! I plan on doing this for really messy accidents as well as every once and awhile to ensure we don’t have dust building up in the core.


Mattress Cover

The cover comes in four different colors; grey, white, pink and blue. It is made from two layers of a breathable fabric and is stitched in a cute cloud pattern. You can wash and dry these covers just like you would any other crib sheet. They do recommend using cold or cool settings in your washer and dryer to avoid the cover from shrinking.


I plan on purchasing an additional cover for those times where we have a small accident and I’ll need to wash the cover. They say that you can use the cover without a sheet, however, I do use a sheet on Ava’s mattress. I mean part of the fun of putting together a baby’s nursery is the cut crib sheets, right? I have not noticed the sheet changing how breathable the mattress is either. However, they do discourage the use of a mattress protector. Those often have vinyl waterproof layers in them which can compromise how breathable the mattress is.



The best part about this mattress is how breathable it truly is. My husband and I both shoved our faces into the mattress to test this out and our breathing was not restricted in any way. This is great for a couple of different reasons. First of all, if you have a belly sleeper like my daughter is, it gives you peace of mind that your baby will not struggle to breathe while they are sleeping. I have spent a lot of time turning her head or placing my finger under her nose to make sure she was breathing. Having her on this mattress helps me not to worry as much.


The other benefit to a breathable mattress is that your baby will not get as hot when they sleep. Ava is just like her daddy in that they are both little heaters when they sleep. She can get very hot and sweaty and her old mattress would just trap her body heat making it worse. The Newton Baby mattress allows for much better airflow and keeps her from getting too hot.


Where to Purchase

You can check out the Newton Baby mattress on their website here. Or you can find it on Amazon here. These mattresses retail for $299.99 for the standard size and includes a mattress cover. Newton Baby also offers the ability to finance the mattress and pay it off in installment payments over 3, 6 or 12 months. This helps to make the cost much more manageable. You can add your email to the Newton Baby subscriber list and receive 20% off your purchase. They also offer a 100 day mattress trial. So your baby or toddler can try out the mattress for 100 days and if you are unhappy with it you can return it for a full refund.



I am very happy with the Newton Baby mattress and I look forward to Ava being able to use it for many years to come.




Safe sleep for them, peace of mind for you.



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